Tuesday, January 22, 2013


  I looked over at my archive today, and realized that Ive been goin on like nine years. To tell ya the truth Im pretty ADD. Well extremely ADD. I wouldve never guessed that I would have stuck to something for so long.

Ive been very fortunate and blessed  to be able to have a creative outlet, and even more so to be able to share it through here. My blog posts through the years has seen me through some of my toughest days and some of my happiest moments.

It amazes me that people visit my blog as I still feel as noobish as I did when I first started it. So for those who do stop by from time to time I cant thank you enough. And to those who stop by and leave comments, its beyond thanks as thats a great motivator to continue to improve.

I love talkin shop and nerdin out  ( more so in person ) and hope to grow the nads enough to share my enthusiasm and all things creative more so in the coming posts.

 Thanks again. I look forward to keep on keepin on
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