Friday, January 18, 2013

Drawing on the Galaxy Note 2

I just stumbled upon this a couple of days ago. TV paint has a full version of the TV paint pro for android available. I guess its a timed version beta that will end in June ( from what it told me after I installed it on my phone ). Before all the gushing over this begins, I want to clarify a few things. First, I haven't spent a whole lot of time with it. Will probably continue to give input the more I use it. Second I'm a bit forgiving of it on the basis that this is on my phone. ON MY PHONE.... A full pro version...this in itself is incredible to me.

( I'm just gonna take this from a drawing point of view so bear with me.) I messed with a rip off of this program called Mirage on my PC while I was going to animation mentor. ( Don't remember the specifics but mirage disappeared soon after.) I loved the feel of that program on my cintiq and hoped to one day be confident enough in my drawings to animate tradigitally. ( this is an ongoing goal of mine which I will admit something I fear... but we'll leave that discussion for another post..)

So gripes first. Not a fan of tiny pen but then again having the phone storing it nicely kinda counters that. I'm a space case and would lose it in a heart beat. ( The phone also has a nifty feature for this as well. An alarm that goes off when the pen is out and moves far enough away from the phone.  I havent tested this yet because I think I'd rely on it to much. ) Also navigating , in some ways, is good enough ( like the fly out menus for some of the tool bars and time line ) ,but navigating with my fingers to pinch zoom was irritating to the point where I just use the navigation window and scroll bars for more precision. Once I got over those things I was good to go.

Back to drawing. The pressure senstivity is very nice with this program. ( Why oh why cant this be mainstream already....) Procreate would be bad ace with it. Which I love on the Ipad. Just don't like drawing with a nub of a stick. Not that I can't draw with one , just prefererence that's all. To tell you the truth Id rather draw on my ipad, but I find it easier to bust out my phone as its with me more often.  I know there are a few pressure sensitive pens runnin around out there for the ipad but those are again nubby.

TV Paint has a slew of tools that are robust to say the least . Painting, chalk, pencils etc all feel smooth. I am surprised how well my phone handles it. Ive had it freeze up when I click in a type input  area to resize a brush and then try to use the slider to adjust some more before the keyboard retracts. The keyboard gets stuck open and cant select anything, which forces a restart.

I plan on dooking out a simple animation with it soon. Gonna plow through the tutorials they have on the site and will post info with updated feelings as I test drive it more thoroughly. For now Im happy to have a nice sketch tool that my wife and daughter cant take away from me. I've included a screen grab and a pic of it on the phone. Nothing spectacular. ( My daughter sees the pen and the phone has to be put away ). I wouldn't say it would replace my ipad for drawin on the go, but because I always have my phone with me I will prolly use it more.

To wrap this up, heres some you guessed it sketches!

Also, Im interested in gettin on google plus * gasp ( cant do the facebook thing ) and was wondering if youre on it, do you have any impressions youd like to offer up?
 Anyhow keep on keepin on
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