Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comin in early...

..either that or not post yeah? Not an option. Nothing special . Some noticeable jiggle...I know.  Of course I want to tackle something grand but I know it does me no good as I need to make a steady habit. One thing Ive always wanted to animate was some star wars stuffs. Tossin in a quick photoshop dook.

Down the road I plan on doin something more "star wars nerd fun" but for now " hoooray I posted!!!" Goin on "break" . Im sure I will come back more tired than I was before the break...which makes me wonder why I think its a break...

Anyways I dont know how this will play into my next weeks animation post. Toon in fer one heck of a train wreck!!

Keep on keepin on!
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