Friday, March 01, 2013

Double post Friday???


A goal that I have had for the longest time was to draw well enough to animate in 2d, and to be honest as much as I draw, its still over whelming to think about. It seems to hold this magic over me that makes me feel like its an impossiblity. Especially now as I dont animate for a living, and becoming a dad has taken the alot of my time and emotions tryin to balance out being a creative and family man. ( Age seems to be takin its toll on me as well...)

Im tellin  you this because I think Ive been keepin myself back for too long by puttin too much pressure on myself and letting all the fear and worry keep me from actually DOIN anything. Using lame excuses to hide my true potential from me. Im tellin you this because I need to wake up and take my steps. Embrace the fear and uncertainty and get back to the real reason I draw and create. For the shear love of it. For the happiness that it fills me with. The ability it gives me to shed light on the areas of my mind that are dark and painful. To grow to be the person I know I am...

It IS WHO I am.

I tell you this because I need to put it out there and believe that I not only can but WILL do this. 

I tell you this because you understand what Im saying....I do this because doin is the fastest way to get there.

So studying some action sequences from this short: kung fu cooking girls  ( this is how Id like to  I will animate one day.)

and drawing of my hands. Have a great weekend!

Keep on keepin on

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