Friday, March 08, 2013

End of week dump

Starting with sketches... I know this habit will never go away.

Happy friday all! With it being the end of the week comes the post that I promised to keep up with.  Im gonna add a small bit to that goal. To make sure I apply my learning , every post from now on will have to  have some sort of animation in it. ( Nervous in even puttin this out there...but thats how you grow right?)

 Im also gonna make it a point to give my perspective each post to iron out my thoughts and kinda make it a journal. This will help me examine myself a bit more thoroughly. Lets see how it turns out.

So animation: Quick zombie walk cycle and quick action test. ( keepin  it simple and growing from there :) Its easy to want to run out and do super fancy stuff .Thats the kind of thinkin that gets me in trouble.I have to remember theres no rush and  keepin it simple will help me savor the flavor.

 The rough test was from this video. I love anime action sequences and martial arts so I think most every thing Im gonna post animationwise to begin with is gonna be studies of  this kinda stuff. Im sure it will evolve the more i get into it but for now thats what gets me excited to learn animation. Easier to learn for me when I put my mind in excitement mode.

I also bought a new camera lens and flash. (The lens is used but new to me..) When my daughter was  born I wanted to have more control of my pics of her. Because I had no foundation they never turned out. Im tying in learning photography so I can learn to look at things differently.

The pics of my camera with new/used 28-135 mm lens and new flash on my canon T1i taken with my Galaxy Note 2 . The next ones are couple of test pics of my daughter. I plan on makin this a habit as well .


I feel so noobsih like Im just starting this blog .Im excited to start my change and see where it takes me. Its long over due.

Keep on keepin on!

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