Friday, March 15, 2013

3 fer 3...

Tryin to keep to friday post. ( Thurs would be better as Im about as lazy as you get on fridays ) Tired ace today. This weeks animation test is a baseball pitch study. Again tryin to keep things where I dont over think and let them happen for happiness sake.

A pick of my daughter, a photoshop landscape study, and of course a couple of sketches.

Im not gonna lie, half of me wants to stop this. ( the half that pretty much has been winning out my whole life )

 Its crazy how emotions can change your perspective, positive or negative. Im accepting that Im uncomfortable with this and that I know in the grand scheme of things its alright to be so. When I  take on something new , I notice that inner jerk hole says "Why are you tryin so hard? " What is this nonsense for ? "Your uncomfortable and how is this beneficial?" "Just keep to the sketching and leave it at that pal..Isnt that enough. You have no need to put this kinda effort into something you dont really make money off of. Be happy with where you are at..."

Jerk hole am I right?

A year ago I thought to balance my life out I had to scale down my art side and grow my fam side. And I noticed I was completely miserable. Depressed as all get out. Since then Ive realized that I didnt need to do that. I just need to go as hardcore with my fam as I do with my art. Perspective changed. Im much happier. (Theres a bit more to it than that and hope to gettin around to sharing it.)

So to inner jerk hole: thats why I need to do it. Because its the best part of me and thats what I want to give to my fam. So back up and  let me do just that....

Till next post keep on keepin on!
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