Monday, September 26, 2005

Do you ever have one of those days?

Ive been havin one of those months...I just cant seem to find enough energy to keep up with it all. Sad thing is, I know its not gonna get any easier...

I've got some school stuff I need to post here. I do. Seriously. Im just too lazy to convert the video. I promise I will upload it soon. Promise. I do have some sketches though. So not a complete loss. The AM forum ( skool forum ) has a sketch thread and I did some sketches at work. ( I guess thats all I do at work. ) The subject: ANTHROPOMORPHISM.

Here they are. Like I said I will try and post my skool assignment here a lil later...and I promised, so calm down...I already know Im a slacker....dont rub it in.

Oh and also heres a pic of me with my mentor!

It's not a cardboard cutout of my mentor Justin Barrett... IT IS HIM. And he's talkin with me! Live on the internet! Hes a kik ace guy! AM is so awesome! And Im a nerd. So what, wanna fight?
Thanks for readin. I wouldve dropped outta this about half way down...
See ya when I lookatcha!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The eyes have turned into faces. Gonna keep it short tonite. Will post again after Q&A tomorrow. ( May be friday cause my class is later than first term ).

Besides I dont really put up anything worth reading... ( Im sure most of this writing is fallin on deaf ears...or eyes rather.. you know what I mean.) Im gonna try and put cool shiz here eventually...promise. Something fun to read about.

Any ways heres the doodles.

I have eyes for you...

Yes todays sketchin consisted of some eyes (Among other things ). And yes I know I have been slackin like a mutha. Man, that break kicked my ace....

School started this week ( wahoooo! ) Man Im rarin to go but a lil overwhelmed. My wife is officially in her third trimester today! Whoo Hoo! ( You would think it was Christmas with all the cheers I have.) I have to try and get back in gear this semester.

Body Mechanics.

The name just instills anxiety in me. Im gonna have to focus doubly this term. I cant believe how fast its goin. Now if I could only get that elusive ( to me ) big league, job I would be set. ( Kid on the way kinda puts a fire under you.)

And finally I have finally gotten to the point where I have to be a lil better about my eating...cause the sitting all day and the non mobile lifestyle is takin its toll on me. Another thing I have to make some effort to try and balance. Life. Who knew it would be so much fun.

I added some new links and a link to my new mentor for this semester Justin Barrett! Make sure you check em out! Class for me this term is Thursday and I cant wait to get crackin!

Thanks for readin this boring ace shiz. And if you didnt and went straight to the sketches, I dont blame you....

see ya when I lookatcha!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Whats this...SKETCHES???

Yes ...I got some sketchin in today. Was a good feelin. Although I corrupted my Mr. Incredible that I posted yesterday, so I didnt get to practice animating with him today like I planned. So the sketchin was basically my way of handling the depression. Why would I be depressed you may ask...well of course I didnt save multiple files so yeah Im gonna have to start him all over again...sigh.

Well heres what I did today..enjoy. Im goin back into mourning...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where have I been?

Had a kinda break this last week. Was a review week for skool. So no assignment. So why havent I even posted? Cause as soon as some one says I have a break, I go into vapor lock. And Im lazy by nature...

I actually been tryin to make a model I could play with while I had a break. So I took an older model that I had made a while back of mr incredible and cleaned him up. And he was horrid so I had to fix alot. Plus I really have no clue when it comes to riggin so its been quite a tryin time for me.

Im gonna try and get better at building models so I can have some fun models to practice animating in my free time. Which is rare. This week I have nuthing for skool so I will try and post some more stuff this week. Keepin on top of this blog has been tougher than I thought..

Well heres the model I worked on ( not too spectacular , Im more of a pencil person so no laffin ) and a test anim ( still have to work on the skin weights )
and my last assignment for the semester.( I wanted to post this last week.)

So here ya go. Hope to get some sketchin in soon!

see ya when I lookatcha!